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Simplifying Video & Photo Content

February 1, 2024 7:02 am Published by

At the end of the day, all companies want the same things: Offer dependable, sought-after products and services, gain a little more market share, be trusted and respected, and give back something that makes our world better. Of course, two of the most important calling cards for a company, whether they’re used internally or externally, are photo and video assets. These, just as much as your product or service, define and shape the company’s brand. 

There’s an old saying: “People do business with people they like.” And when it comes to your distinct photography and video assets, an outside resource has a responsibility to prove themselves worthy of your business, and do so in a—well—really likable way. That should include things like the years of expertise they bring to the table, an on-going client list of companies you know, past examples and results of their outstanding work, and knowledge about what’s happening when it comes to video and photography trends in the industry.

What’s Happening In 2024

According to a Wyzowl survey of nearly 1,000 businesses, 91% of companies are using video as a marketing tool. That’s an all time high. But that also creates a lot of cutter and “sameness” in nearly every business category you can think of. For those businesses not using video, or rarely using it, lack of time to plan and produce video projects is the #1 stumbling block according to the survey. 20% of marketers don’t use video because they think it’s too expensive, and 15% don’t use it because they don’t know where to start. However, 68% of those who are not currently using video say they intend to start using it in 2024. So once again, the likelihood is the video and photography competition that’ll be vying for your customer’s engagement is only going to increase.

Who’s Going To Shoot What?

The survey goes on to share that 48% of marketers this year will shoot live action video, while a more distant 24% will do animation. 22% more companies will not rely on their in-house marketing departments for video and photography needs. Meantime, companies using vendors to create external content will jump into the double digits from 2023. Is this because companies are starting to realize there is a lot of sameness out there and they need the fresh objectivity of external resources to differentiate themselves? You be the judge. What will companies be shooting? 38% of the videos shot in 2024 will be testimonials, followed by presentation videos (product launch, events, sizzle reels, explainer videos, etc.), followed by social media. The entertainment value of each will be critical.

Get Three Offers From A Resource, Not Just One

In order to address making time to produce your video and photo assets, reduce costs, and just simply have a starting place, Hybrid Moon suggests a video and photography resource that’s prepared to offer you Front-End, Core, and Back-End services. The Front-End should include an assessment of your video and photography assets. The huge benefit here is it’ll help strengthen your brand’s appearance in a crowded marketplace, and it will allow for cost-effective multichannel planning and content creation for everything from emails, to website and social media postings. The Core offering is the video and photography production that aligns with your marketing objectives and brand definition; whether that be a product launch, a company sizzle reel, training materials, trade show assets, or all of them. Yes, the Core offering should align with your brand, but it should also raise you above the competition through numerous conceptual options. The Back-End includes regular check-ins, assessments and adjustments as needed. The days of hiring a resource to “shoot a video” then disappear from your radar for six months until they call you again for another job are long gone. Folks like that are no true partner.

Forward Thinking & Insights

Of course, you don’t have to take advantage of all three offers from a photography and video resource, but it will reduce your marketing spending, travel costs, save time, and help your overall brand consistency. This is the kind of forward thinking and insight Hybrid Moon provides. Not to mention that although we have a team that can expand and contract to suit your needs, you will always be dealing with the principals of the company. It’s asset building and risk reduction at its best.

People like to do business with people they like. Bet you’ll like our way of thinking. Look to the Moon.