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June 1, 2024 7:06 am Published by

Hybrid Moon Launch


We recently spoke to a company that was bemoaning a video production resource that they were dealing with. Why? Because the company put a lot of limitations on how the video they produced for this client could be used. It could only be used for certain mediums and only for a certain length of time. Editing pieces of the video for other uses was also not allowed. Well, at Hybrid Moon, we have a philosophy about the video rights of clients, too. It goes like this:

“You hire us and we produce your video. Then you can use it anyway you like, in any form you like, for as long as you like.”

Pretty easy. We figure our job is to build your brand’s assets. How is your brand served when someone else controls those assets?

This kind of control thinking is SO 20 years ago. The days of B2B video or film production companies asking to retain rights–unless you’re using a union crew and talent pool–are pretty much over. Some of the biggest films and television shows in the world are okay with the use of GIFs because they don’t undermine the intent or saleability of the original production and, in fact, help to keep that film or TV show relevant in an ever-flowing media current. Of course, copyright laws should always be maintained. But when 23 million GIFs are posted to Tumblr everyday according to Forbes, some video company demanding that they retain the rights of what was shot in your manufacturing plant after you hired them just seems self-serving.


We know of another company that recently wanted to use AI for an upcoming video. They wrote out some of the scenes they wanted for their AI software. Like, “A service truck rolls up in front of a customer’s house.” But then, they realized the stock footage the AI program selected didn’t use the right kind of truck that represented their fleet. And their logo was missing on the service vehicle. Then, the footage was in a suburban neighborhood that showed mountains in the background and this company’s service area was mostly in the plains. Sure, certain things like the logo could be added on the truck in post, but at the end of the day, it was just simpler to send a two-person crew with a camera and a drone to get exactly the right kind truck with the client’s logo pulling up in a neighborhood that was actually in their service area. At Hybrid Moon, we can assemble a 50-person crew, dressing room trailers, a caterer, and a “video village” for any location. But we can also just bring in a two-person crew that shoots like silent, unobtrusive production ninjas. In other words, we can be very agile.

Speaking of AI, it’ll be used more and more in making videos. Are you prepared for this new technology? If not, we can help. We can outline and produce library footage that’s personalized for your company; featuring logos on your trucks, technicians wearing your gear, your products being manufactured, your products being used by customers and much more. We can also help plan for multiple video use on any channel. 


In still another example, we know of a company that hired a video resource to shoot a recruitment video. Every production is special and important to a client and their brand, but in this case, the production company really wanted to outline every detail of the assignment in a statement of work. Great idea, except the SOW wound up being over 15 pages long and most of that was legal jargon to cover the production company’s you-know-what. As a result, a lot of fun was sucked out of the project before the first frame of footage was even shot. It also shackled the client’s hands when they saw other things that they would’ve liked to shoot during the course of the production. 

“Oh, we’re sorry. That’s out of scope for this assignment.”

At Hybrid Moon, we don’t want to suck the fun out of anything. So, none of our SOWs are longer than one page and we’re very amenable to other needs that may come up during production within reason.

Our business and yours is all about continual change. So work with a company that embraces change to better serve your brand both today and tomorrow. Look to the Moon!