For every Mission Pilot, there are crew members who make the launch a reality.

The Crew

  • Hybrid Moon is a streamlined team with over 30 years of barrier-breaking content creation for national & international brands. Hybrid Moon is built on a foundation of honesty, hard work, and, despite our obvious love of the moon and the solar system, a down-to-earth sensibility that brings a new level of focus and attention to our business partnerships that we call Hybrid Results™.
  • Hybrid Results™ is the mixture of experience, stellar processes, and unique perspectives, blended to produce meaningful connections to build awareness and drive conversion using our Orbital Exploration & Concept Discovery.
  • A Launch may be breathtaking, but as anyone with a background in science will tell you, the real work is done in the Research and Development (R&D) stage. At Hybrid Moon, our R&D process is known as Orbital Exploration and Concept Discovery. Like a satellite orbiting high above the earth, our initial goal at kick-off is to capture a wide understanding of your positioning and the challenges you’re facing.


Managing Director

  • Eric is a collaborative managing director and creative leader with experience working with celebrities, actors, and real people across the globe. As a knowledgeable producer, he oversees video production budgets from concept, production, and editorial to final delivery.


Creative Strategist

  • Heather tells visually compelling stories for clients as a director and producer in live-action production. But her expertise also includes editing and motion graphics. Always seeing the details of the big picture, clients say she understands their business better than some of their full-time employees–the ultimate compliment.


Brand Strategist

  • Tim develops multimedia campaigns that are strategic yet create an emotional bond between brands and customers. He’s done this for companies like Coca-Cola, GM, Toyota, and Allstate. He’s a big idea generator with an attentive ear that clients love.


Visual Storyteller

  • Joseph is a man of many space helmets. He’s a graphic whiz, a world-class editor, and he can work behind the camera. He also does motion graphics. His versatility makes him especially valuable on productions.


Project Manager

  • One of the great things Ariel brings to the table is she’s a tech geek who is continually keeping up-to-date about better and more efficient ways to serve clients. She’s a superb project manager and overseer of timelines.


Field Producer

  • When you’re on location, you want experience that can meet any challenge. Chelsea’s been a writer/producer for Nike, done commercials, documentaries, indie films, and she’s even written for Dreamworks. When it’s your project, she’s the field producer you want.



All of our clients enjoy interfacing with April. She quickly becomes a trusted and integral part of accounting departments, and she frees up the Hybrid Moon creative team to do what they do best: Create effective strategy and content that exceeds expectations.