For every Mission Pilot, there are crew members who make a rocket launch a reality.

The Crew

Hybrid Moon is a streamlined team with over 25-years of barrier-breaking content creation for national & international brands. Launched in 1994, Hybrid Moon is built on a foundation of honesty, hard work, and, despite our obvious love of the moon and the solar system, a down-to-earth sensibility that brings a new level of focus and attention to our business partnerships.


Managing Director

  • Whether the mission objective is to foster existing client relationships or initiate the launch of a new partnership, every Hybrid Moon mission blasts off with Eric at the helm
  • Eric commands every campaign on-set, with one eye on the mission map and the other on the horizon
  • Remaining diligent yet flexible behind the lens, Eric allows every campaign to achieve pre-established goals as well as capture inspired and unexpected moments of brilliance


Creative Director

  • The planning and design stage of your Hybrid Moon Solution is achieved under the watchful eye of our Creative Director
  • From the moment we take on your campaign, Heather is there to understand your desired goals, anticipate any wormholes, and set a course that guarantees a smooth landing
  • Ensuring your campaign messaging is captured and delivered in a cohesive manner is just another of Heather’s many responsibilities aboard the Hybrid Moon shuttle
  • Heather’s keen eye for structure and design is on full display as she frames and finalizes your content to maximize its impact on the viewing audience


Brand Strategist

  • Tim has had a varied 25+ year career as a Creative Director-Writer, ad agency co-owner, VP of Creative Services, Broadcast Producer, and even a Copywriting Instructor at the University of Alabama.
  • Many would recognize some of his humorous commercials for Allstate Insurance and its popular character of “Mayhem.” But he’s also served other Fortune 100 companies like Coca-Cola, GM, Honda, Toyota, and Walmart.
  • His career is a nearly even mix of serving clients in the B2C and B2B realms. His B2B clients have included Prieto Battery, the premier manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, Creyos (formally Cambridge Brain Sciences), AKG Audio, Honda Engines, REV Group, GE Plastics, and others. 
  • Just in the broadcast realm, he’s written and produced hundreds of television, video, and audio projects for clients worldwide, and is the recipient of over 200 creative awards.
  • Although, he’s had a distinguished career in advertising, he still lists running the star shows at the Peter F. Hurst Planetarium in his hometown of Jackson, Michigan, as one of his coolest jobs ever and can navigate the summer sky like the back of his hand.


Film Editor

  • Joseph has been working with Hybrid Moon for nearly 20 years. Like all of the staff who live on the Moon, Joseph can wear many hats (or should we say “space helmets”) seamlessly. He can work behind the camera, do motion graphics, but more than anything else, he’s a world-caliber film editor.


  • Whether the scene calls for a hard cut, 10-frame dissolve, or 20-frame dissolve, Joseph knows the effectiveness and impact of every edit. A video has three opportunities to be great: in the scripting, the shooting, and the editing. The nuances of pushing in, moving out, cutting on beat to the music, color saturation, and a hundred other editing skills are things Joseph knows practically instinctively.


Project Manager

  • Ariel brings years of marketing and agency expertise to Hybrid Moon’s Mission Control. She manages timelines, budgets, workloads, and knows the status of all jobs at all times. That’s not always easy on some days, but she handles it with a calm exterior.
  • That calm exterior is probably due to a love of nature and being a dog mom. Internally though, she’s got a continual desire to learn new things about changing technology, clients and their needs, their competitive landscapes, their video objectives, and what’s the best way to navigate forward and exceed expectations.
  • You may not see her in every meeting, but Ariel’s the one who brings the moving parts together and keeps projects on trajectory from initial launch to splashdown. A native of the SF Bay area, she also loves new adventures in the kitchen and is a passionate home chef.



Field Producer

  • Chelsea’s background is highly diverse and filled with working with well-known organizations. She’s been a director/producer for Nike, a writer/producer/editor for Oregon State University, a writer for DreamWorks Animation, and has worked with various film companies up and down the West Coast. Her experience includes commercials, animated shorts, documentaries, corporate videos, indie films and more.
  • In her spare time, Chelsea is an active supporter of up-and-coming women filmmakers. She also enjoys rock climbing which—considering she works with Hybrid Moon, a company that always wants to achieve new heights—makes perfect sense.



• April is the guide and navigator to all Hybrid Moon vendor and client accounting needs. April’s mission is to help blend financial insights with efficient business practices to align an equinox-like balance.