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About Us

The HybridMoon Team is here for you

Hybrid Moon does plenty of commercial projects these days, often taking the lead in creating the content. Content is the story that engages your client's audience. When done sucessfully the message will motivate the audience to take positive action. When a client looks to create a product video, Heather and Eric learn the product. The Hybrid Moon team learns about the folks that buy the product as well as the campaign where the video will be used. Then, during the pre-production planning stage, they gather it all together and write the story. Finally, with camera in hand, and later, using their editing prowess, the Newland team creates a compelling video and another satisfied customer. Another customer that will refer them on to their next great story.

Meet the Team:

Eric Newland

Eric Newland


Native of the Portland Metro Area, Eric is the founder of Hybrid Moon. His work has been showcased on various National TV programming including Good Morning America, Inside Edition, The Oprah Show as well as the Dr. Phil Show. Eric has also be personal videographer to the stars including Robert De Niro and Snoop Dogg. Eric's interest outside of the studio lie in his love of automobiles, friends and family.

Heather Newland

Heather Newland

One of the West Coast's finest female Shooter/Editor/Producer. Heather leads the Hybrid Moon team with her creative approach. Heather's interest outside of the studio include spa days and spending time with family and friends.

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